My father told me, “Tell me what I have to do and I will do it.”
I saw this as a unique opportunity.

The future has arrived and I, as the daughter, decide for us and we will take this trip together.

We will stand and act with each other. Our bodies will work together to find a new language. We will be authors and performers of our present existence.

Generation brought together where the confrontation with oneself and with the other becomes inevitable and visceral. A couple dancing in remembered times and places, that today, more than ever, have something to share with each other.

This work is a gift. A gift of time and for this time. The time which passes and creates a distance in between, the time which makes us strong. A gift for my father, that for the first time we will enjoy together.


Choreographic notes

My desire in the creation process was to investigate two individuals who exist independently, outside of being father and daughter. Two people who have separate presences and each with their own language. In the work done thus far, I have experienced the physical effort given by the fragility of my father’s body.
These observations lead us to create states of the body through different methods of improvisation that facilitates the emergence of a path of composition and choreography.

Choreography – Francesca Penzo

Performers – Francesca Penzo & Roberto Penzo

Dramaturgy – Giulia Tollis

Technical direction – Giulia Pastore

Production – Fattoria Vittadini

Partnership – CLAPS – Live Entertainment, Molino del Groppo & Reading Facilities Art Factory Bologna

Support – Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and the Municipality of Milan

Project as part of “Playground | Metropolitan yard on dance “, a project shared by Urban Dance Bologna | Gender Bender | Laminarie company.