Site Specific improvised performance with short film projection onto side-wall of room.

The title “Outside your Door” suggests proximity and distance in the same moment, being a part of something but also viewing it from just outside. It refers to something being accessible but necessitating some action for it to be experienced. It relates to opposing ideas of distance and oneness, the collective and individual, external and internal outlook.

We propose to explore this concept on a number of different levels, through:

1. Appreciation of the Space
Developing an awareness of the energy, history and stories of the building, as well as being fully present to the current moment and what this combination presents.

2. Visual Stimulus
Simultaneously, being an onlooker inspired by visual art and an integral element and presence within an artistic expression.

3. Natural & Unnatural Elements
Working with the contrast of a natural aspect in an unrelated environment.

4. Timing
Being collectively sensitive to shared experience of the place and duo with the flexibility to follow inner impulses and inclination.

Choreographer & dancer – Francesca Penzo

Dancer & choreographer – Laura Dowdall

Filmmaker – Liam Delahunty

Location – Funkhaus, Grunau, Berlin

Exhibition – 21.09.2013