“Each year, scientists publish roughly 17,000 detailed descriptions of newly discovered animals. Today we will investigate a new species: The young independent woman. Working with the humor and the drama of this creature approaching this phenomenon with a fake scientific sincerity, saying the obvious and revealing the unsaid.”

Liking it or not, drama is a characteristic of the female behavior .
We feel that the source of what we can define as the female drama is an internal conflict we have within our identity. As women, in our daily lives we deal with different female identities that exist within us. This variety creates a conflict and raises different questions around the subject of gender, femininity and power.

The dramaturgy is developed through a self-monitored analysis of behavior during the performer’s menstrual cycle. The data we obtain from this research help us to outline and enrich the dramaturgic aspect of our work.

Choreography & concept – FEM Collective
Francesca Penzo & Tamar Grosz

Sound design – Clément Destephen

Soundtrack – Vivaldi, Les Revels, Pulp Fiction OCT

2016 – Festival Interplay, Torino, Italy
2016 – PAD Festival, Mainz, Germany
2016 – Bolzano Danza, Bolzano, Italy
2016 – Merate Auditorium, Lecco, Italy
2016 – Artgarage Festival, Pozzuoli, Italy
2016 – Teatro Bellini, Napoli, Italy
2015 – 100 Grad Festival Berlin
2015 – Expat Expo Festival, English Theater Berlin
2015 – Vetrina Anticorpi XL