Video Dance – Site-specific solo project

This solo is the first stage of a research project based on the concept of revolution. Through the idea of revolution I created a female figure. I developed the figure in a space and developed a physicality for her. I first investigated the image of the naked body, and how it can contrast with its surroundings.

I had a photographic image of a naked body in my mind, an almost blinding figure, in this space. From this contrast I developed this first shot of the video. Taking away the other two senses of sight and hearing I explored more a pure body, the somatic body, the skin. I investigated a sensitive body, tactile, whose skin is exposed and impermeable to the direct contact with the outside. The choice of the location was a key element for the project. I wanted a place that reflects the architectural aesthetics of what is developed in the video.

The soundtrack accompanies the process of the character described in the video. The extracts of cinematic dialogue on the theme of revolution are chosen in order to investigate the sound of the human voice. The German title translates in English as “Please take me back”. It is an inscription placed on some glasses, signaling for the object to be returned after use. The meaning of this phrase signals the value of a recall. The will of the body to be brought back to a place and emotional space that allows one to change, to get back to oneself and to one’s pure will, without conditions.

Choreography & performance – Francesca Penzo

Sound Design – Elisa Botticella

Nuove Traiettorie 2014
Azione del Network Anticorpi XL
13 -21 September 2014 – a Ravenna, nel contesto del Festival Ammutinamenti 2014
Anticorpi – Rete di rassegne, Festival e residenze creative per l’Emilia Romagna